Please discreetly present me with the donation enclosed in a greeting card at the beginning of our time together. I do not discuss or negotiate my donations; this will end our time together. If you discover that you would like to extend your time with me, simply let me know and be prepared to amend the donation.


The Polite Introduction

1.5  hrs


The Romantic Interlude

2.0  hrs

500 **

The Impassioned Affair

3.0  hrs

800 * Dinner Date  


Girl friend for the Day

1200 *

Girl friend for the Night

1500 *

Getaway Weekend

5000 *


Fly Me To You ...

If you are a gentleman who knows what he wants when he sees it,

then don't let distance stand in your way. FYI, I am passport ready.

I am available to travel to you within the United States with a dinner date minimum 

Let's come up with something that works for both of us.

Travel accommodations (hotel +airfare) are additional

Travel accommodations plus 25% deposit will finalize your reservation


I am open to  Exclusive & Non-Exclusive arrangements

 *Please review the Deposit & Cancellation Policy


** Afternoon Retreat ~ If you are located within 250 miles of DFW airports,

I will travel to your city for same day rendezvous  with a travel fee $100 and screening. 

Please let me know no later than 9am to make this happen...