A Body Rub and beyond.

There is nothing more sensual then a woman’s hands all over you!

There is nothing more relaxing than lying in a semi-darkened room with quiet,

sensual music playing, the faint scent of glowing candles

I devote my time to your entire body. 

You are Invited to Experience me and sensual touching.


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Lovers Shower - Incall Only

approx  30min 

Steamy Assisted Shower, lots of mutual touching ……

L1/L2 Incall Only, everything takes place in shower or bath.

You need to be able to stand for at least 20 minutes if in shower


 The Erotic Touch - Incall Only

60 minutes

   a great rub with stress release  


The Sensual Erotic Package 

This is perfect for those who need more stress release…

starts off with the lovers shower or bath,

followed by a great rub with more stress release if you can 

90 minutes - Incall only

120 minutes

2Hrs - VIP Sensual Erotic Package 

Couples are welcome for a minimun (2Hrs - VIP Sensual Erotic Package )   plus an additional charge of $100 


The Sadistic Massage* incall only

 90 minutes

 You are face down, enjoying a relaxing rub &

you realize that you are now bound to that table &

interesting things begin happing to you...


Sensual Domination* .. 

2 Hrs 

Do you enjoy passion, intimacy with a twist.

Consider sensual  domination 



 60 minutes

allow me and one of my sexy mature friends

to treat you like a king for at least an hour..

4 Breast, 2 Mouths, 4 Hands..

one awesome experience   



 *you will have to send me an essay of 150 words or less, of what your deepest thoughts are..entice me with your words 


Service Texas 



Lover's Shower  120 150
The Erotic Touch - 60 minutes 150 N/A
The Sensual Erotic Package - 90 minutes 220 250
The Sensual Erotic Package - 120 minutes 300 350
VIP Sensual Erotic Package - 2 Hrs 350 400
The Sadistic Massage     250 N/A
Sensual Domination - 2.0 Hrs 500 500
4Hands  300 TBD



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