Fun Facts



Fun Facts About Me... 

I love reading and when driving, I always have an audio book is a whole lot better than cruise control. 

I enjoy cooking and entertaining guests.

My favorite drink is a Cosmopolitan.  My worst ever Cosmo was made in Eagle Pass, best is at Firewheel mall, Garland Texas. 

I have a green thumb and like rescuing dying plants... 

Love fine food and the dining out experience, especially sushi.  I enjoy the atmosphere of sitting at the bar and engaging with the people around me at most places as much as the food. 

 I do enjoy the theatre and ... especially murder mystery dinner theatre. 

My golf game always needs some improvement, so I practice when I can... 

I love fishing -  yes you are reading that correctly. 

I love watching football and I'm patiently waiting to see my first Washington Redskins LIVE in DC. I go thru football withdrawal after the superbowl each year and am thankful for the NFL channel..

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Ethnicity: Black, Born in Caribbean Islands

Age: I'm of legal age

Weight: My business

Bust: 36G

Hair Color: Brown

Location: DFW Based but Travels

Tattoos: NONE

Height: 5 feet 4 inches

Piercings: Ears

Smoker: No

                           A Truly Passionate Woman